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Goin to Miami.

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First 10 minutes to Miami

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BALTIMORE, the mary land

ESPN put up some a slide show of the Baltimore trip. click it to peep.

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A real sick bike check created by Doug Horton.

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This finally got processed, whoever resized it fucked shit up! enjoy, but remember WE SAVED THE FIRE.

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to see the pictures visit www.soulbmxmag.com subscribe motherfuckers! PRINTS NOT DEAD!

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A few weeks ago MTV shot this bmx tv spot with a few of the men, and I wish I could've been there. I heard Garrett made some bigwig MTV producer cry. Check that out here. The embed code decided not to work. Up in the city the past few days makin' some shit happen. Me steve o and Scotch Davis below doin a steve o bike check. Photos by Sven



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NYC SESSION 10-29/30-09


Alright so yesterday/this morning Garrett and Augie came into the city to film for the video. They started out in Staten Island and cameup on a few things(there are actually a few gems out there.) Wade Young and I met them in Staten Island basically just to have our bags searched twice on the Ferry.(nothing happened)

We headed to the banks as usual, and for once we didn't get caught up there! There were tons of kids there as usual, once kid even whispered "thats Garretts landord" huh?... pretty fucking funny if you ask me. Lino Gonzalez and the legend Rob Dolecki wound up cruisin around with us for a little, but the group kept getting smaller and smaller as it got later and later. Before we knew it, we were all the way uptown and it was 5am. Anyway, each of us got home at 8am, and not one complaint the whole night. It was just one of those nights. Everyone got DOPE clips, even though none were as good as Wades... Guess you'll have to wait til the video drops...SOONER THEN YOU THINK.

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You're riding down the street and a taxi cuts you off.

"Modified handlebar plugs speak to the disgruntled urban cyclist. By retro-fitting stock parts with up-cycled keys, bikers can now find satisfaction with close encounters. This concept puts an new twist on the timeless tradition of car-keying revenge. by Matt Braun and Jared Delorenzo."


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Anybody who's ever encountered Augie Simoncini probably realized, 1: He's NUTS, 2: He can ride the shit out of anything he's put in front of. Cory and I stumbled across this edit when we were in Barcelona and didn't really know if it was ever really posted anywhere. It's from last year, and has some dope riding in it. Oh, it probably wasn't even supposed to be an edit. WATCH IT.

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Scratch that...Gallery Time

Click the damn group photo (where everyone looks absolutely insane) for an EXCLUSIVE ESPN GALLERY shot by Chris Marshall... Look at that Crew.

The Last Shit You'll be Hearing about Lona Til The Vid...

Alright here's the rest of the updates of the damn Barcelona trip from ESPN. Jesse is DUNZO in that photo and Cory, well he's just being Cory. The last bit of the updates take you a little deeper into our unbelievable trip and any little bullshit thing we got into out there.
I for one wanna say thanks to everyone for the best trip I've ever been on in my life, even if we gotour asses kicked one night. I'd do it all over again 100 times with the same crew.
Shouts to the whole Squad, and give me some damn content for the website!!!


ESPN: Deadline En Barcelona Cont.

ESPN just put up day's three, four and five from the trips.

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This weekend on Saturday the 24th, my good friends over at www.shamelessmgmt.blogspot.com who manage a shitload of talented people are Hosting a Show/Party at the redbull space in Lower Manhattan. Not everyone can come, but most of us will be there (being as SkotchDavis is all about DEADLINE). If you live in the tri-state area you should try and make it out. RSVP at party@Shamelessmgmt.com.

Before the trip, Marshall made a deal with Cody over at ESPN for some exclusive Deadline shit from Barcelona. Well his updates kind of suck and don't even mention the right people in it, or even some people at all. Anyway, they posted day 1and 2 of the trip I guess and there are some photos. Im hoping the rest of the updates will be a little better. Go check em out!

Now I don't wanna turn this into a personal Blog, but I must stress everyone go cop the homie FASHAWN'S new album"Boy Meets World"... Ive had the pleasure of listening to it for the past week or so, and its actually awesome. It comes out today, so go get that!!!

can. he . go . all. the waaaaay

Nike made this edit for Garrett as kind of a Congrats thing for his crazy ass year he's had. It came out pretty dope.


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Barcelona, day 6

Carter and I walk home from the bar at around 5am. We meet some ladies in the street and things start happening in alleyways, we realize this is a bad idea and run from these questionables. We get home from the bar and drift off around 5 am. I wake up to everyone stomping in; the first person I see is Jesse. His face was lumped up and his eyes were black, then I see Steve O. The side of his head was all banged up, then everyone starts speaking all at once, "we got jumped,” I spring up from bed. Garrett walks in, he got banged up too. What the fuck? Where was I? How did me and Carter miss this shit?

The story went something like this, we get to this discotheque, there's an eighties room upstairs. We all start trashing around like animals while European hipsters stare at us in disbelief and disgust. We continue to cut rugs intensely, Augie taking the lead of course. At this point Marshal, Carter, Ty and myself manage to find our way to the street and walk home. Some jocked out guy decided to take Jesse's hat, Jesse takes the guy outside. Jesse began to question the euro jock’s sexual orientation in front of his friends. Jesse then says fuck you and walks away; in the same instant someone punches him in the face. Fifteen guys jump in at him, the rest of the squad comes out after realizing what was going on. It then became six on fifteen. All these guys ran into the subway.

Jesse was real fucked up, he left the next day. So that was the end of the 5th day, and the beginning of the 6th. Everyone woke up around 3pm; we got lots of clips and a few photos. Today is the seventh day, and we are two men down.

photo album coming soon

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Barcelona, day 3 4 5

Day three we split up and rode mad different shit, everyone went out and got wasted. Day four we went up to the mountains and rode lots of sick spots with Fernando. That night I fell asleep and woke up to a drunk Augie throwing couches across our hotel room while yelling at the top of his lungs. Valpone decided to throw himself all over our hotel room and kick over motorcylces on the street. Yesterday was a good day, we woke up and started filming at this spot next to our hotel. Garrett and Steve O got bangers. Jesse pulled a wild ass 180 over this fence. We ate some local grub and went to these ledges on the water. Everything was feeling good until Colin decided to huck himself at this uphill ledge until he broke himself off. We think he broke his arm, the hospital disagrees. Fuck yea social medicine. Everyone was bummed out after he had to go to the hospital, so it was a wrap at about six. Its the morning of the sixth day, we got kicked out of our hotel, and now we are booking a new one, and my stomach hurts from laughing so much. photo album coming soon.

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Barcelona, day 1+2 kinda.

We all meet up at the hotel in center city at about nine am. Everyone had a story about there flight to tell; apparently a few of us almost got arrested at the airport for some drunken reason I can’t recall. We all headed out and checked out the city after falafel and beer. Things were pretty mellow, we road a few famous spots that we stumbled upon. We really started to ride good spots the instant we met up with Fernando, who has became the local tour guide for anyone passing through Barcelona on a bike. Not only did this guy know every spot in the city, but he also does club promotion for the sickest clubs/bars in Barcelona. So later that night we all head to this “Nasty Monday,” by the time we get there we’re all fucking drunk. People kept selling us beer on the street for a euro, and we picked up some hash, which was cool. We got stoned and went this bar and had a few more. We get to the Nasty Monday piss wasted yelling at running our mouths, looking at everyone with a strange half coherent stare. Clubs usually are the last place you would find any of us, but this place was pretty fucking wild from what I can remember. I’m pretty sure they were dosing people with acid stamps near the stage. Once again it was a blur. Steve O and me ended up picking up some girls we probably shouldn’t have picked up. Some real slags. That’s about all I remember. Got lots of good clips for the few hours we had left in the day. That’s about it.

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headache :::updated:::

ohhh word?

Vegas was wild, we heard Kevin threw it down at the rail jam and won once we got there. Steve-O and I showed up to the heat and met up with Garrett and Ty. Everything about interbike sucked besides the Plush Tattour premiere and free booz. Miles' part was a trip. The first night was wild as fuck. A few of us ended up taking this sketchy limo with Todd Lyons.

After we all arrive we end up on line to get into this shit when I realize that I forgot my ID. So I had to shade out and sneak in through the back, which was surprisingly easy. There was an open bar that was almost impossible to get to all night. We all managed to get wasted before the awards even began. Garrett ended up winning video part of the year, and then he ended up getting street rider of the year. His speech went something like this
"I don’t know why I won. Vegas, get drunk. Why did I win? I'm Drunk. Get fucking drunk, Vegas."
All the while Steve-O is throwing slim jims at him until security kicks him out in the middle of the speech. The night ends with the Stay Fit video, which I vaguely recall.

As for the second night in Vegas, who the fuck knows? We woke up and burned, started drinking and went to Interbike. Steve-O’s bike was stolen from the Stereo booth, so he had to grab another complete to ride in Barcelona. That night was crazy. Ty morrow got arrested for underage drinking, Steve-O tried fucking every girl he met, and Miles Rogoish cracked me up the entire night. Nobody remembers much. The next morning was like a scene from the The Hangover. Everyone left that afternoon. Steve-O and I ended up driving through the desert with Glenn PP Mulligan to Orange County. The next morning we woke up at our dude Shelby’s house feeling like we were gunna die. Turns out six people we knew left Vegas with the swine flu, so now we are just hoping we don’t die.

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Half an Update

Me and Steve-O are out in orange county filming and shit, drove out here with the man himself. Vegas was wild, but thats a new post in itself. Todd Lyons with us in a Limo? more coming soon.

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Steve O as seen on ESPN.

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Chris Marshall has been sending in photos to ESPN for "deadline exclusives"... check out the pics and the cuban links.


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Boston and Karmaloop

It was Steve O, Garrett, Kevin Kiraly and myself up in Boston this weekend. First we stopped in BK and rode some of Steve O's hometown spots, and I ended up dislocating my stupid fucking loose shoulder wall riding down this sketchy fence. Next we headed for Boston speeding fast as fuck while complaining about how much better the ride would be with some lungdust. We got into the city late that night. The first day was good for the most part, we ended up getting some rain. Garrett and Kevin ended up splitting up while me and Steve O stopped in at Karma Loop. Karma Loop is a street wear mail-order based out of Boston. Steve-O is a rep for them, every week they let a rep shout out on there site and promote his rep code or whatever. The marketing dude, Dennis Todisco hooked us up with some clothes and shit which was cool. We met back up with them at this out long out ledge, Kevin was doing some sick shit until this dude started fucking with us. The rest of the trip was sick.. Local kids hooked it up, we partied rode and schemed all weekend. Check out Karmaloop.com and enter DEADLINE at your checkout to receive 20% off your order. -ca

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That "Dig This" thing.

Been a while since I've posted but things are still going, here's the dig article from last issue finally scanned. Join the Twitter for more updates.

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You need to see this

Not much news lately, but click here to see this video.

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extreme games

Garrett won the xgames, pretty fucking sick huh? Stoked on how the course looked. Nate Wessel is doing an awesome job with this shit.

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I saw this in Wikipedia. Thought it was kind of ridiculous thats considered a grind.


Grinds are where a rider’s bike will slide along a surface (such as a rail, ledge or lip of a ramp) on a part of the bike other than the wheels. Usually “stunt pegs” are used; these are short tubes are attached inline with an axle that project out from the main frame so that they can slide along the surface they which grind. Some grinds also involve the cranks and pedals.

* Double peg: The rider must bunny-hop on and land both pegs on the rail or ledge (wheels must be off the ground for all grinds).
* Feeble grind: The most basic grind to do on a ledge. The rider must bunny hop and land the rear peg and the front wheel on the ledge. This is easy to do on a ledge because ledges are generally wider than rails.
* Smith grind: The step up from a feeble. The rider must bunny-hop and land the front peg and rear wheel on the ledge or rail.
* Luc-e grind: The rider must bunny-hop, turn the handlebars 45 degrees, and land the back peg and the pedal on the ledge and lean back, keeping the front wheel off the ground but not grinding the front peg on the top of the ledge either.
* UnLuc-e grind: The rider bunnyhops and lands the front peg and pedal on the ledge or rail, keeping the back wheel off the ground.
* Rollercoaster grind: The rider must find two rails or ledges close enough together so they can bunny hop and grind with at least one peg on each rail.
* Icepick grind: A rear peg grind where the rider is riding on the back peg only with the front wheel above the rail or ledge they are grinding on.
* Crooked grind: When alternate pegs are on either side of the rail.
* Predator grind: When the rider does a double peg grind on a rail then hops over to his alternate pegs.
* Toothpick grind: The rider slides on the front peg only with the rear wheel in mid air.
* Toothpick hangover : A toothpick grind where the rider hangs the rear end of their bike over the opposite side of the rail or ledge they are grinding.
* Parapalegic grind: When the rider jumps off of the bike, while holding your handlebars, and grinds the rail with his legs in an erect manner, pegs are not involved.
* tire grind: bunny hop and land both tires on the rail and ride it

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Zombies fucking

We love getting artwork sent in from whoever. Its good to have lots of sick stuff to work with. This was submitted by Austin Barrett. If anyone else is interested in sending in artwork for use in stickers, shirts or whatever send it to ccasraf@gmail.com.

Austin Barrett, from Freehold New Jersey. 22 years old..
Interests include: Zombies fucking, gnarly shit, skateboarding, motorhead and beer
ive been drawing for about 14 years and went to school for about 3
anyone who is interested in this stuff and wants my contact info... look me up on facebook or email me at austinb1138@yahoo.com

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The rest of the trip.

The rest of the trip was sick. Every night was a mission, I made everyone pedal from spot to spot and got shit for it all day. As always Marshall kept shit savage, keeping everyone laughing all day. In spite of being fucked with all day, Colin road better than everyone. To sum it all up, we rode a couple of famous spots; a couple of not so famous spots, and went in a pool that smelled like cat urine. We stayed out until the breakfast buffet opened at the hotel, and for some reason we weren't allowed to walk around barefoot, even from the pool.

We stayed lifted, and had an amazing time.

Shouts to Abdul, Jake Frost, Lee Hopkins, Albie Bennett, Jeff Allen, CORNBREAD, Sean Burns, & last but not least Chris and Matty Long for showing us love and helping us get around and even lighting up spots for us.

Stay up yo.

-Steve Croteau

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I just got this Email from Chris Marshall. Him and the dudes are out in conneticut getting clips and chillen. No pics yet guys, only words.

bad news. cant find a cable for upload. i didnt bring my comp anyways.

Day 1?

I wake up, and its ten in the morning. fuck. Its ten in the morning and none of these scumbags wake up earlier than one thirty. So i pack my shit and fuck off for a few hours. A few go by and i still don't know how anyone is getting up to CT. I finally get on the phone with everyone later in the afternoon, nobody knows what the deal is. I get a call from Garrett, he tells me they're gunna get to my house at nine. The motherfuckers don't show up until two in the morning. We pack the bikes and leave to see Fakie Master in New Britain. To make the ride even better, an unnamed individual decided to dose himself with an unnamed fungus for the car ride. We get to fakies house and he ended up not answering his phone. We ended up at the front desk of this sketchy hotel, just the way we like it. We're tired as fuck, the guy at the front desk tells us, "Sorry fellers, but we're done for the night." What the fuck does that even mean? We get slick with the guy and slip into a room. It was filthy within minutes. We burn one down and call it a night. zooted.

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was just watching some youtube and found these. classics.

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Extra Clips

38 seconds of extra Sayerville clips that we will never use. Word.

38 second in Sayerville from Cory Asraf on Vimeo.

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Your Desktop Backround (tiled)

maybe you would? I did.


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Billy Maze for days

This dude died by the way.

deadline facebook fanpage

Either become a fan or look at this tiny image of what seems to be Brian Kachinsky shaving his chest.

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This is some art being considered for some new shirts. I have a lot more shit to show you all soon, later scumbags. oh and peep this.


Deadline Makes the New DIG THIS

I was really stoked to see that Dig ran an article on the Atlanta trip. Look for us in the "Dig This." I have some real sick shit for you guys to peep soon, be sure to come back.

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Soul BMX is sick.

I was just checking out Soul BMX. I think they're my new favorite BMX magazine. They had a few really sick videos posted up there including this one rite below about flatlander Michael Sommer.

michael sommer - one dude one day from embryonal on Vimeo.

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BC webstore now up and running

I finally made a webstore that you can order shirts from. We will be adding more sweet shit soon.

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Post-It-Stop Motion

I just found this on obscur.org, thought it was really sick, and it also says "deadline" which I thought was even sicker.

How white people see a rap battle

Just logged onto facebook and Anthony Villani had just posted this funny video. enjoy

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Man of the hour.

Also. click this, wait for it..


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Steve Croteau is a Legend.

Im not sure if The Cum Up posted this up, prob not bc there is beef.


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Whitebear Tales: Spike Jonze

I just read this up on DIG. Thought it was pretty interesting.

It was the mid ‘90’s, and I was renting a room in Chris Moeller’s condo in Huntington Beach. We headed over to McGoo’s house for a party. There were a few riders from the U.K. staying at our place. The U.K. guys were stoked because Andy Jenkins, Lew, and Spike Jonze were supposed to show up at the party, the guys from the legendary FREESTYLIN’ magazine, and the blokes had never met Spike. Spike had become super famous over the previous couple years by directing several music videos, notably the Beastie Boy’s “Sabotage” video and Weezer’s “Buddy Holly.” So we wandered into the party, and found Andy and Lew. Since I had worked with them years before, I think I introduced them to the U.K. guys. Immediately, someone asked if Spike was coming to the party. Andy got a weird look on his face and replied, “ Uh… Spike’s camping in Africa with Francis Ford Coppola.” We all laughed at his joke, and I asked “no, seriously, where is he? These guys want to meet him.” Andy replied, “Seriously… he’s camping in Africa with Francis Ford Coppola.” Jaws dropped, and Andy and Lew just kind of shook their heads.

Nearly ten years earlier, during my short stint at FREESTYLIN’ magazine in late 1986, I was standing outside the warehouse on a break, chatting with Andy and Lew. We heard a noise, and a motorcycle turned into the parking lot and pulled up to us, piloted by Ron Wilkerson. At the time, Ron was one of Haro’s main pros, and toured extensively with Brian Blyther and Dave Nourie. The motorcycle was an old cruising bike, like a Kawasaki 650 or something. There was no faring or tail boxes like a Goldwing, it was a cruising around town street bike. On the back of the bike was a smiling, blond-haired kid who looked to be about thirteen. Ron took off his helmet and said “Hey guys, this is Spike, he was on tour with us.” And with those words, The Master Cluster began to form. The three of us looked at this kid crazy enough to get on the back of Ron Wilkerson’s motorcycle for a two hour ride in SoCal traffic. We started talking to Ron and Spike about the Haro tour they’d just returned from. Suddenly Lew made a funny face, it was an “aha” moment. He said, “Spike… are you Spike Jonze?” Spike said that he was. Lew said, “Did you send in a photo for that photo contest we had?” Spike said he had. Lew said, “You won a prize.”

With that, we all headed inside. As fate would have it, we had just decided the winners, but they hadn’t been notified yet. Spike had sent in an 8 x 10 black and white print of himself doing a four foot air on a halfpipe. He had taken magic markers and colored in the photo in places. It was definitely the most original photo we had come in, but I voted against it because others had bigger airs and better riding. But Andy and Lew loved it, and we wound up giving Spike Jonze his prize that day, I think.

A few months later, I got laid off, and a couple months after that, Andy and Lew hired Spike at FREESTYLIN’. He was 17 or 18 then, but looked much younger. He melded into the scene, both as a rider and a photographer. He was a damn good rider AND skater, and could have been a decent pro in both, I think. But he was mostly a photographer, just one of the guys at the contests, shooting for FREESTYLIN’. Then in the early 90’s, we’d start hearing stories about him. Spike’s heir to the Spiegel catalog fortune, and his real name’s Adam something. Andy, Lew, and Spike are starting a magazine called Dirt. Spike started a skateboard company called Girl. Spike’s directing a music video. The Beastie Boys just mentioned Spike on the MTV Music Awards. It just kept going.

So when Andy Jenkins said that Spike was camping in Africa with Francis Ford Coppola, it really wasn’t that surprising to me. As most of you know, Spike went on to direct “Being John Malkovich” and “Adaptation,” and then produce the “Jackass” TV show and movies, with former FREESTYLIN’ art director (and fourth member of The Muster Cluster) Jeff Tremaine directing.

Yes kids, Spike Jonze WAS a BMXer. He’s also a nice guy. He’s one of the few in the bike world who has never made fun of me, which is kind of amazing since the other Wizard Publications employees, Andy, Lew, and Chris Moeller made fun of me pretty much non-stop. I last saw Spike at a ramp contest in Moreno Valley in about ‘95, and Spike actually came up and said “hi” to me. He’s a charmed one, that Spike. More power to him. - White Bear

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Legends Never DIE. as seen on Dig.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Me and JJ decided it would be a great idea to hit up the bar mid day and then film an edit right after.  In the process we met some gnarly dude who bar hops on a unicycle. 

- Colin

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Marshall sent through these pictures of JJ and Augie, some old and some new. If anybody is a total gnardog, its this guy. Fucking weather is good this week, sick.