Tuesday, September 29, 2009

headache :::updated:::

ohhh word?

Vegas was wild, we heard Kevin threw it down at the rail jam and won once we got there. Steve-O and I showed up to the heat and met up with Garrett and Ty. Everything about interbike sucked besides the Plush Tattour premiere and free booz. Miles' part was a trip. The first night was wild as fuck. A few of us ended up taking this sketchy limo with Todd Lyons.

After we all arrive we end up on line to get into this shit when I realize that I forgot my ID. So I had to shade out and sneak in through the back, which was surprisingly easy. There was an open bar that was almost impossible to get to all night. We all managed to get wasted before the awards even began. Garrett ended up winning video part of the year, and then he ended up getting street rider of the year. His speech went something like this
"I don’t know why I won. Vegas, get drunk. Why did I win? I'm Drunk. Get fucking drunk, Vegas."
All the while Steve-O is throwing slim jims at him until security kicks him out in the middle of the speech. The night ends with the Stay Fit video, which I vaguely recall.

As for the second night in Vegas, who the fuck knows? We woke up and burned, started drinking and went to Interbike. Steve-O’s bike was stolen from the Stereo booth, so he had to grab another complete to ride in Barcelona. That night was crazy. Ty morrow got arrested for underage drinking, Steve-O tried fucking every girl he met, and Miles Rogoish cracked me up the entire night. Nobody remembers much. The next morning was like a scene from the The Hangover. Everyone left that afternoon. Steve-O and I ended up driving through the desert with Glenn PP Mulligan to Orange County. The next morning we woke up at our dude Shelby’s house feeling like we were gunna die. Turns out six people we knew left Vegas with the swine flu, so now we are just hoping we don’t die.