Monday, March 31, 2008

Is my lens dirty? Probably not.. fuck it who cares.

Jake T gets sick with it in the garage.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Carter and I went out to Philadelphia today, this is about all that happened.


bryancarterflatblacklove from Cory Asraf on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We are working on a new web thing. Its coming out pretty good.

gwarbaryum (12:34:05 AM): yo check this shit out

Psi 4 gti 666
(12:35:47 AM): omggggg

gwarbaryum (12:35:58 AM): you like it

Psi 4 gti 666 (12:36:04 AM): holy shit yeah bro

gwarbaryum (12:36:18 AM): my brother made that beat

gwarbaryum (12:36:25 AM): this is why we need to film this shit

Psi 4 gti 666
(12:36:42 AM): damn dude thats what i wana see

Psi 4 gti 666 (12:37:45 AM): haha bro i am gona watch that like 10 times

gwarbaryum (12:38:14 AM): its going to be realy god when its final

Psi 4 gti 666 (12:41:38 AM): bro it looks so fuckin good, im syked im finally on sometin haha

gwarbaryum (12:44:17 AM): dude just wait until things start rolling with all of this, im not playing games with all of this.. we can realy do some legit shit

(12:44:32 AM): shirts, hats stickers

gwarbaryum (12:44:38 AM): ..then the fucking world

Psi 4 gti 666
(12:44:42 AM): i know i dig it so much bro

Friday, March 21, 2008

Alright here is the deal, the "filming in progress" has been said for a while, but lets face it, all of us are slackers. Now for real we have been filming and filming is in progress, I've been filming a lot with my new camera and Carters is about to fix his camera and the rest of Cory's set up should be coming soon!. So I'd like to say that its official the filming is in progress, and we will be updating the blog with new online video shorts. There should be a couple up soon. Deadlines not much of a team thing either, its more our group of friends, something we do for fun. One day we will have a team and a kick ass line of clothing for everyone, but for now we will be up on the filming, working on shirt designs and having fun riding our bikes just like any other riders, I mean we are the Downtown Toms River Water Street kids!!.

words by Reynolds

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So there are no stories from Canada because they are all too fucked to put on the internet, sorry. Have not posted up in a while do to life and other things; filming, riding, helping build ramps where the pros go to practice, rolling for Garrett and Carter. So whats the news? Besides the fact that everyone of us get more hellish with every passing day? Lets see, Garrett aka CUMBREATH has a bio due in the next Dig so look out for that, it should be pretty sick. Everyone has been filming like crazy and things are starting to materialize so expect something new as far as video, these pictures just aren't cutting it anymore. peace

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chris Marshal rolled through this weekend. He shot some of the last photos that your probably going to be seeing of Satan's Playpen. For those of you who did not hear, Garrett's neighbors decided to be scumfucks and get the building taken down by the state. The tuck to fakie is pussy, I know.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

chocolate10speed (1:08:21 AM): uploading those photos was so time consuming

gwarbaryum (1:08:37 AM): ill let you use the card reader

chocolate10speed (1:08:45 AM): that will help

chocolate10speed (1:09:00 AM): it will save time by about 15-20%

chocolate10speed (1:09:12 AM): what i really need

chocolate10speed (1:09:15 AM): is a monitor

gwarbaryum (1:09:22 AM): dude go buy one for cheap

chocolate10speed (1:09:29 AM): i got no $$$$$$

gwarbaryum (1:09:39 AM): im gunna pay you

gwarbaryum (1:09:44 AM): then plus your other job

gwarbaryum (1:09:56 AM): bitvh ass nigga

gwarbaryum (1:10:01 AM): im kinda drunk

chocolate10speed (1:10:05 AM): awesome

chocolate10speed (1:10:10 AM): your rad

gwarbaryum (1:10:12 AM): kinda sad

chocolate10speed (1:10:14 AM): haha

gwarbaryum (1:10:15 AM): im alone

gwarbaryum (1:10:20 AM): hahahh

chocolate10speed (1:10:20 AM): naaa

chocolate10speed (1:10:26 AM): i do that shit all the time

gwarbaryum (1:10:42 AM): good everyone should

chocolate10speed (1:11:00 AM): as soon as i get my shit straight with this computer

buisness i will help as much as i can to get deadline off the ground

gwarbaryum (1:11:11 AM): fuuuuck yes

chocolate10speed (1:11:15 AM): this computer shit is really killin me

gwarbaryum (1:11:23 AM): we are getting mad clips lately

gwarbaryum (1:11:28 AM): im motivated as fuck

gwarbaryum (1:11:48 AM): well ill try and hook up the monitor situation

gwarbaryum (1:11:54 AM): for real

chocolate10speed (1:11:58 AM): na

chocolate10speed (1:12:04 AM): im just going to have to buy one

chocolate10speed (1:12:13 AM): cause i want a nice one anyway

chocolate10speed (1:12:24 AM): ill eventually have it

gwarbaryum (1:12:54 AM): ok well im gunna try and hook it up anyway, fuck what you say

Lets help get Doug a monitor for his G5 scumbags. If you know where we can get one email me.
So these are some candid photos of the legendary crew from Toronto Jam. Expect some hellish tales from everyone.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Rite now anyone who has the funds is up in Toronto, while the rest of us contemplate suicide with the hopes of waking up to a nice day despite the weather forecast. Doug Polle is going to be putting pen to paper documenting the metro jam for all of us who were not there. Expect some really interesting updates this Monday.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You will either get this, or you won't.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Apparently we picked the worst day to go to Philadelphia. We managed to get kicked out of close to every spot before we could even set up flashes or anything. It worked out pretty well in the end though, I had not been there in a few weeks so it felt pretty fresh. Doug Polle is most definitely a legend in my book. Los photos.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

jimpotter: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jimmpotter/ theres some lakewood shots from yesterday if you want em

gwarbaryum: sick shit man, you actually made lakewood look good.
who is ths Vota character?

jimpotter: i think hes from like brick park area
hes a little kid with a blue volume
he shreds

gwarbaryum: looks like it.