Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We are working on a new web thing. Its coming out pretty good.

gwarbaryum (12:34:05 AM): yo check this shit out

Psi 4 gti 666
(12:35:47 AM): omggggg

gwarbaryum (12:35:58 AM): you like it

Psi 4 gti 666 (12:36:04 AM): holy shit yeah bro

gwarbaryum (12:36:18 AM): my brother made that beat

gwarbaryum (12:36:25 AM): this is why we need to film this shit

Psi 4 gti 666
(12:36:42 AM): damn dude thats what i wana see

Psi 4 gti 666 (12:37:45 AM): haha bro i am gona watch that like 10 times

gwarbaryum (12:38:14 AM): its going to be realy god when its final

Psi 4 gti 666 (12:41:38 AM): bro it looks so fuckin good, im syked im finally on sometin haha

gwarbaryum (12:44:17 AM): dude just wait until things start rolling with all of this, im not playing games with all of this.. we can realy do some legit shit

(12:44:32 AM): shirts, hats stickers

gwarbaryum (12:44:38 AM): ..then the fucking world

Psi 4 gti 666
(12:44:42 AM): i know i dig it so much bro