Friday, March 21, 2008

Alright here is the deal, the "filming in progress" has been said for a while, but lets face it, all of us are slackers. Now for real we have been filming and filming is in progress, I've been filming a lot with my new camera and Carters is about to fix his camera and the rest of Cory's set up should be coming soon!. So I'd like to say that its official the filming is in progress, and we will be updating the blog with new online video shorts. There should be a couple up soon. Deadlines not much of a team thing either, its more our group of friends, something we do for fun. One day we will have a team and a kick ass line of clothing for everyone, but for now we will be up on the filming, working on shirt designs and having fun riding our bikes just like any other riders, I mean we are the Downtown Toms River Water Street kids!!.

words by Reynolds