Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Barcelona, day 1+2 kinda.

We all meet up at the hotel in center city at about nine am. Everyone had a story about there flight to tell; apparently a few of us almost got arrested at the airport for some drunken reason I can’t recall. We all headed out and checked out the city after falafel and beer. Things were pretty mellow, we road a few famous spots that we stumbled upon. We really started to ride good spots the instant we met up with Fernando, who has became the local tour guide for anyone passing through Barcelona on a bike. Not only did this guy know every spot in the city, but he also does club promotion for the sickest clubs/bars in Barcelona. So later that night we all head to this “Nasty Monday,” by the time we get there we’re all fucking drunk. People kept selling us beer on the street for a euro, and we picked up some hash, which was cool. We got stoned and went this bar and had a few more. We get to the Nasty Monday piss wasted yelling at running our mouths, looking at everyone with a strange half coherent stare. Clubs usually are the last place you would find any of us, but this place was pretty fucking wild from what I can remember. I’m pretty sure they were dosing people with acid stamps near the stage. Once again it was a blur. Steve O and me ended up picking up some girls we probably shouldn’t have picked up. Some real slags. That’s about all I remember. Got lots of good clips for the few hours we had left in the day. That’s about it.