Friday, October 30, 2009

NYC SESSION 10-29/30-09


Alright so yesterday/this morning Garrett and Augie came into the city to film for the video. They started out in Staten Island and cameup on a few things(there are actually a few gems out there.) Wade Young and I met them in Staten Island basically just to have our bags searched twice on the Ferry.(nothing happened)

We headed to the banks as usual, and for once we didn't get caught up there! There were tons of kids there as usual, once kid even whispered "thats Garretts landord" huh?... pretty fucking funny if you ask me. Lino Gonzalez and the legend Rob Dolecki wound up cruisin around with us for a little, but the group kept getting smaller and smaller as it got later and later. Before we knew it, we were all the way uptown and it was 5am. Anyway, each of us got home at 8am, and not one complaint the whole night. It was just one of those nights. Everyone got DOPE clips, even though none were as good as Wades... Guess you'll have to wait til the video drops...SOONER THEN YOU THINK.