Monday, October 12, 2009

Barcelona, day 6

Carter and I walk home from the bar at around 5am. We meet some ladies in the street and things start happening in alleyways, we realize this is a bad idea and run from these questionables. We get home from the bar and drift off around 5 am. I wake up to everyone stomping in; the first person I see is Jesse. His face was lumped up and his eyes were black, then I see Steve O. The side of his head was all banged up, then everyone starts speaking all at once, "we got jumped,” I spring up from bed. Garrett walks in, he got banged up too. What the fuck? Where was I? How did me and Carter miss this shit?

The story went something like this, we get to this discotheque, there's an eighties room upstairs. We all start trashing around like animals while European hipsters stare at us in disbelief and disgust. We continue to cut rugs intensely, Augie taking the lead of course. At this point Marshal, Carter, Ty and myself manage to find our way to the street and walk home. Some jocked out guy decided to take Jesse's hat, Jesse takes the guy outside. Jesse began to question the euro jock’s sexual orientation in front of his friends. Jesse then says fuck you and walks away; in the same instant someone punches him in the face. Fifteen guys jump in at him, the rest of the squad comes out after realizing what was going on. It then became six on fifteen. All these guys ran into the subway.

Jesse was real fucked up, he left the next day. So that was the end of the 5th day, and the beginning of the 6th. Everyone woke up around 3pm; we got lots of clips and a few photos. Today is the seventh day, and we are two men down.

photo album coming soon