Wednesday, December 31, 2008

can I get a beer?

Everyone wakes up around twelve do to lack of oxygen to the brain from the night prior. After a few brownwaters we felt it was time to do real work, which turned out to be damn near impossible with all of the fuzz buzzing around on there Segways. Garrett did some epic wall ride followed by Augie coming through with a wild ass superman hop, Marshal got all of this of course, you will see the photographs somewhere sometime soon. We ended up getting a few clips here and there, and everyone seems pretty psyched on all of this. Besides the rain and other setbacks i would say we had a pretty productive trip, and pretty fun too. Talem followed us up for the hike, we came home to the bitter bite of the NJ winter and some heavy snow to seal the deal. Deadline new years party at Augies tonight. Hope everyone has a good one. cheers.