Thursday, January 1, 2009


Last night got pretty wild. Marshall, Garrett, Colin, and I all showed up to Augie's house. The street was packed to the tits with NY license plates. The house was packed with lots of different people I have never seen before, and I knew that eighty people can't all like each other. Everything went well until about five minutes after the ball dropped. Half the party went outside to light the Christmas tree on fire at twelve which went well. We all went inside after that, and someone got real wild and sprayed champagne all over the living room, kicked shit around and just really fucked everything up. Augie starts to get loose and before Carter could get the words "fuck you" out of his mouth some jock punched him in the face. They both fell down the stairs, Carter got the worst of the fall landing straight on his back from the top of the twelve stairs. The pain set it a few moments later he ended up going to the hospital. I went in to see how he was doing, he seemed fine saying thing like, " What kind of pussy throws someone down the stairs, he's fucked." Yelling at nurses and texting shady girls. We found out this morning that he actually fractured his back. What a savage.