Sunday, December 28, 2008

Atlanta so far.

So far ATL has treated us really well, the first day we arrived and checked into our hotel in downtown. We all got clips and tons of photo's a few hours in. Decaprio did the most gnarly ice grind on a wild ass steep rail, then the rain caught up to us and we had to call it. On the way to the liquor store we ran into Talem Cowart and other locals, we ended up partying with them later that night, things got pretty sick. After throwing my bike five stories into a bush Auggie ended up fighting some kid in the parking lot of this bar/club thing, fucking savage. Today we woke up to rain, got some continental grub and headed to the local park, witch I was not to stoked on going to. It ended up being pretty fun, and we all ate tons of shit all day and got a lot of photos. The park had a really sick old school vibe, stoked on it. Now we are all crashing out. more news tomorrow.

Photographs by Chris Marshall.