Monday, December 29, 2008

ATL: yesterday in a nutshell

We wake up in this hotel room that has turned into a scummy abyss off trash, bikes, clothes, cigarettes, like a scene from Joe's apartment with talking cocroaches and garbage everywhere. After all the scum get up and got motivated Marshall attempted a hop whip which he can't do for shit! He destroyed carters wheel in one attempt, Carter is still pissed. Marshall and Decaprio cruised over to Talem's and Walmart. They kinda disappeared for a while doing whatever weird shit those type of people do while the rest of the crew went out and rode street. Cory manned up and clocked a clip, a little later on into the session at some sweet out ledges garret sent a feeble to front flip OTB to back lander. Two cops on mountain bikes rolled up and were being real tough guys. they gave us the typical "your going to get a ticket." routine. We got out with a warning and cruised back the way we came met up with Marshall, Decaprio, Talem and the rest of his crew. We cruised out to Georgia Tech. on the way Colin totally bonnered a 180 railhop in the midday hustle and bustle of pedestrian traffic. He got a flat and later met up with us at the AT&T spot. Half of us cruised back to the hotel while Garrett, Colin, Cory and Marshall cruised around. We went out to some bar that night and everyone got in except the kid who has two legit fakies, fucking Garrett. So Garrett, Cory and Decaprio cruised over to some old mans bar, the rest of us got loose. Colin and Carter were cutting rugs with mad beezys. No epic fights but still a good day. We see what kind of hell tomorrow brings.