Sunday, December 7, 2008

"BLACKFOOT" Airsoft guns and outlandish riding

So Garrett and I (cory asraf) take the drive up to Rye Airfield for the "wicked jam." At first nothing seemed wicked about it, until the airsoft guns and brownwaters (beer) came into the picture. The first night we road and slept in for the most part. Night two me Auggie and Garrett stopped in K Mart to get Garrett a pillow. Something hit me, we need to get some paintball guns, but then we all ended up getting airsoft guns instead. Earlier that day Zack Warden decided he wanted to buy a shit ton of brownwaters and just leave it with me and the crew to ape on, and we did once we got back to our hellhole. We basically shot anyone who came into the room until we were to drunk to load the clips back up. Then I met Tony Cardona, most definitely a cool as dude and gnarly bike rider.. We talked music and drank beers in the pool carving it like a thanksgiving turkey until i felt a bit dizzy. He got on the board and took it hard, stumbling into the hellhole and passes out. We all keep drinking and then i see Auggie with a devious look in his eye, the dude starts spray painting Tony Cardona's feet black, I'm filming it the hole time with my shitty little point and shoot digital camera. Contest went great I'm sure you will see it up on vital or the cum up. Check it out. OH and Garrett placed last and did a 720 bar to flat shit was crazy, almost fell asleep coming home.

BLACKFOOT from Cory Asraf on Vimeo.