Friday, November 7, 2008


So rite now I'm in a small country called Gibraltar visiting my father, and when I say small I I'm talking roughly nine square miles. Probably smaller than your home town, anyway i found the local skate park and I strike a convo with a local. I mentioned I was from the USA, the NY/NJ area and he brings up a web video he saw, and a website he visits from that area. For shits I say "deadline?" and he says yea, that's it! It blew me away, i didn't think the world was that small of a place. That really got me stoked, I'm leaving for Amsterdam on the 11th, maybe I'll run into someone who knows about us there? I'll probably just be banging hookers the entire time... jk. Back in the US the hellish crew (auggie, garrett, carter) went on a mini trip to VA, and Baltimore on a filming mission. One of them will post an article about it soon.