Monday, November 3, 2008

Rochester through the eyes of the devil

Rahhh raahh rawwwwchester trip, the trip started off with all of us leaving on a Thursday night all to go to that redbull dress up contest. We made the drive down while apeing lots of blunts and dialing more coffee then a stressed out construction worker debating committing suicide, we made it in latttttte night. We slepppttt woke up rode around Rochester with a bunch of legendary bike riders with us, fucking rediculous to see, i mean its not ur everyday session you get to ride with ryan sher, brain kachinski ect. lots of epic bike riders ty, cory, carter and myself got sick of that sceen shaded out rode around the whole city found some sick spots shredded. It was pertty cold the whole time witch can steel ur motivation as satan would steel a baby's soul for candy went back to the hotellll gottt wastedddd showeed up at the contest lots of shredders there, highlights from geoff slaterly and bruno hoffman they fucking killed it dudeee!! then got drunk there saw the kink video shit was awesome its sick to see a more old school video with awesome parts from the whole team all of could barly walk out like a bunch of cripples we crawled out went back to the hotel next day rode some street came up on a couple of spots completely untouched witch is always sickkk and a good find then we made the drive back to filthy fucking jersey !!!