Thursday, December 2, 2010

Augania In 7D: Summer '10 Barcelona Photos + Random

If you're ever on a trip and Ty's filming, you'll notice the funny faces he makes, here's one captured perfectly

Waiting for the train with the homies Christian Rob and Marc Photo:Ty Morrow

Steve Croteau Downside tailwhip outside of Barcelona

Steve Croteau kickin it at the 5block on a hot day

Garrett Reynolds Steep Wedge Tailwhip somewhere right outside Barcelona

Garrett Reynolds Pocket Barspin in his moms yard while filming for fUELtv

Garrett & JJ on one of many sweaty trainrides

One of the best dudes in Barcelona, Our homie fernando

Augie Simoncini wallride to toboggan Photo:Ty Morrow

Augie Simoncini Double Peg to wallride? Sequence:Ty Morrow

Augie Simoncini's first ever derek duster grind Photo:Ty Morrow