Thursday, January 21, 2010


We just came back from the Miami trip last week, that shit was insane. We road all day everyday, which proved to be a task in itself. We ended up riding in Jacksonville on the way, which ended up turning into a two hour police chase that ended with a jedi van heist/sketchy rondevu. We delt with cops straight out of the movie Super Troopers, Mike Spinner's castle, acid dropping Phish loving hippies, heavy tripping, fireworks, crashing the rental van, resisting the urge to drink in excess, homeless madmen, late night stale fishing in the van, and a serious shortage of brown water. The trip was a trip, but what your probably going gunna wanna hear about is The Trip, which is gunna pop real soon. Here's the nano edit from Steve O, lots of Water Street clips locked.

Deadline Nano Edit from DEADLINE BMX on Vimeo.