Wednesday, April 1, 2009

carter in the hospital, again.

Do you remember when someone a long time ago told you not to spray paint without proper ventilation? If not, then learn from Carter who ironically is in the hospital after "acute fume inhalation" while spray painting his new frame in his garage. Fortunately he was saved after being discovered by Garrett who was stopping by to bring him a 17.
"It was really fucking scary seeing him like that. I opened the garage door and saw him face down with his hands covered in spray paint, I had to cover my mouth and eyes there was so much paint in the air. He was blue in the face and it took four of us to get his lifeless thighs off the ground." says Garrett
Carter is in stable but serious condition at Community Medical Center in Toms River New Jersey, room 121B for anyone who wants to pay him a visit.